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EXPAT & REAL ESTATE AGENCY in Haarlem and surroundings

Zuiver Real Estate agency

Zuiver is the go-to full service real estate agency in Haarlem and Kennemerland for expats. We are your trusted partner for the purchase, sale, valuation or the mortgaging of your real estate property. We are passionate about real estate, committed, informal and to the point. Our communication is simple and clear, or as we’d say in Dutch: Zuiver.

We purchase and sell residential properties for expatriate clients. We know what foreign buyers look for in a house, what is important to them. All certified registered estate agents of Zuiver Real Estate Agency take great care of listening to our clients and focusing on their needs and preferences. Our professionalism, great clear communication skills, knowledge, honesty and commitment is what sets us apart.

Let us guide you from the beginning to the end of the process, turning house buying in a foreign country into an enjoyable experience, stress- and worryfree.

Zuiver Real Estate agency. We are experienced, goal-focused, in touch with the latest developments on the Haarlem real estate market, an informal approach, passionate about real estate and about people. We go above and beyond for our clients.

Our services

Zuiver real estate offers the following services: sale, purchase, valuation, silent sale and rentals.
What is it that we can do for you? We offer a wide range of services and it is up to you which ones you would like to use. You can decide to get us involved at every step of the process.

Zuiver means pure in Dutch and we are called Zuiver Real Estate for a reason. We will tell you about all costs involved in advance and you can count on a clear fixed rate. You’ll only be required to pay once we find your ideal home.
Four steps to buying your property with us:

  • A free consultation without any obligations, focusing on your needs and preferences.
  • We work together and set clear guidelines
  • Let’s get to work. Viewings, see what’s out there, make your pick, research and negotiate. You’ve done it, you’ve found your dream home.
  • Off to the notary. Sign the documents, receive the keys and bring on the champagne.

Our full service package for purchase support consists of:

  • Having a chat: discussing your needs and opportunities together
  • What’s on offer: searching for appropriate real estate
  • Viewings: Planning your viewings, we will join you!
  • Research: Are you interested in a property? We will research the following details beforehand: land register details, environmental details, property plan, condition of the property, etcetera
  • Advice and negotiation: We advise you on strategy, purchase price and the best moment to put in an offer. We take care of the bidding, always in close deliberation with you.
  • Purchase agreement: going to the notary together to sign the purchase agreement
  • Finalizing: monitoring the mortgage request and other things that are necessary for the eventual handover of the property
  • Final inspection of the property
  • Notary: sign the forms, do the key handover and bring on the champagne

Zuiver Real Estate is set to get to work for you

Have you found a property already? You can enlist the services of Zuiver Real Estate at any step in the buying process. What can we do for you? Make sure to contact us.

Selling a property in Haarlem? Zuiver Real Estate can assist you every step of the way. We will always find the highest bidder for your property.
Your property deserves all the attention and the best possible price. After valuation and deciding upon a realistic asking price we’ll put your house in the spotlights. A good story and great photos will help sell your property through the national property site Funda as well as via our own website. Are there any potential buyers? We will take care of the negotiations for you. Has your property been sold? We’ll come to the notary with you for the closing.

What is it that we can do for you? We offer a wide range of services and it is up to you which ones you would like to enlist.

Our full service package for sale support consists of:

  • Having a chat: We will survey your property, value it and advise you on a realistic asking price
  • Sales plan: We will discuss your preferred terms of sale, such as the handover date
  • Strategy: We will decide upon the best possible sales strategy together with you
  • Representation: to generate a great first impression we will make appealing photos of the house
  • Media & Advertising: We will post your property on Funda, our own website and social media
  • Viewings: We will schedule and manage all viewings
  • Negotiations: We will take care of the negotiations, in deliberation with you, in order to generate the highest possible bid
  • Notary: We will go to the notary with you and make sure everything goes well

Zuiver Real Estate knows what’s involved with selling a property and will assist you every step of the way. We’ll do everything to ensure a smooth sale.Make sure to contact us.

Some people opt for a silent sale of a house. This means the house will be available on the market, but only for selected bidders. Zuiver Real Estate offers this service as well.

How does a silent sale work?

With a silent sale a property is available on the market, but it will only be visible to a select group of interested parties. Your property won’t show up on the publicly accessible part of, but it will be visible on our own website for potential buyers selected specifically by us.
Would you like to opt for a silent sale? Ask us about the possibilities.


Zuiver Real Estate also provides services regarding rental agreements for properties in Haarlem. For instance, we can rent out your vacant property or arrange a temporary rental while you are awaiting the handover date of your own new house.

Due to our approach, we manage to rent out properties quickly. We take professional photos of the property and generate attention on the market by:

  • Posting the rental on our own website
  • Actively searching for potential tenants
  • Engaging our network. Our partners will post our rentals on their sites.
  • Posting the rental on Funda, huizenzoeker, Jaap and other websites
  • Posting it on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • What can you expect from us as a landlord?
  • After receiving the formal notice of the lease we will offer the house to rental brokers. We will take care of matters such as:
  • Selecting one or several qualified candidates
  • Conducting background checks
  • Drafting the rental agreement and getting the lease signed
  • The key handover

Before we move forward with leasing out a property we will drop by and discuss the rental opportunities. We will advise you on a realistic rental price and on any potential adjustments that would enable an earlier start date for the lease. We work on a no cure, no pay basis. Please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation.

This is what our clients have to say about us

I’ve never seen a makelaar so willing to look under the floorboards and climb onto the roof as Jasper. We were in a hurry to buy our house and Jasper helped and advised us in any way he could. Brilliant service, highly recommended.
James, buyer

We enlisted Jasper to arrange the sale of our house in the Kleverpark area. Knowledgeable, reliable and we could always contact him for anything. He has great insight into what the market’s doing, takes action and thinks with us. We are very happy with the outcome and our partnership. Thank you Jasper.
Dan, seller

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We would love to add your name to the list of happy customers. Read more reviews on Funda.

Need a valuation in Haarlem? Find out what your property is worth. Zuiver Real Estate is the go-to agency for getting a trustworthy valuation.

Why value real estate?

With the valuation report the lender will decide whether a mortgage loan is financially wise based on the value of purchased property. Often, the valuation report also serves as the basis for purchase or sales decisions. There are several reasons for valuation, such as:

  • Requesting a mortgage loan at time of purchase
  • Amending or restructuring current mortgages
  • Bridge loans
  • Purchase Recital
  • Inventory division, divorce, “minnelijke waardering” (literally amicable valuation, where both the Tax Inspector as well as the tax payer pick a valuer, often happens in the Netherlands with inheritances)

You will receive a clear and reliable valuation report, with accurate appraisal of value, which will be accepted by all involved authorities and organisations. Once all relevant information has been collected, it will take a maximum of three working days to receive the valuation report.